Thursday, 29 December 2016

[PANN] 161226 What's wrong with BTS Jimin's voice?

I'm sorry for sounding like a troll in the titleㅜㅜ
First of all, I'm a fan from another fandom and I can prove this
And I'm writing this post because I think I'm going to fall in love with BTS Jimin!

So my friend is a BTS fan and her/his bias is Jimin, ok?
When I saw him I immediately thought he was really cute..
and he's so sexy on stage too.. very... he looked very cool

But after listening to Jimin talking in videos 
he seemed like a cute person..! I like husky voices more and the only voices I know in BTS are Jungkook and V's. Then my friend played a song from their album and there was this voice that really caught my attention! 
I don't mean this in a bad way. It was a very rare and beautiful voice!

I learned that it was Jimin's voice..! He even hits the high notes well
His voice was really enchanting and charming...
I've occasionally seen fan recruiting posts about Suga and V's voice on PANN
But I thought a fan recruiting post about Jimin's voice because I don't I've seen one!

His voice sounds really amazing. He dances beautifully too
His voice is more beautiful (than his dance)...! I think I might join the fandom! I mean it.
If you don't know their voices, please listen to save me or butterfly by BTS!
I'll attach a photo of Jimin I have...

I will add the proof since you guys asked for it~
I'm EXO fan but I really hope BTS will succeed more and they're really cool♥ I personally think BTS is very cool 8*8 I listened to the song you recommended me and I loved themㅎ thanks~

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Response +492 -54

1. I don't know how to explain but you can feel a boyish charm in his voice. His voice isn't thick nor is it weak but I think it echoes purely which makes his voice sound sad. I was surprised when I listened to the intro of save me and Blood, Sweat & Tears. I've tried searching but I think he doesn't upload covers like other members ㅜ I'm interested in Jimin so ARMYs, can you please recommend me some songs? +100 -3
ㄴMa city/잡아줘 (hold me)/고엽 (dead leaves)/Outro:그게말이돼? (does that make sense?)/길 (road)/이사 (move) - I strongly recommend these! +3 -0
ㄴ Jungkook and Jimin sang a song called "Christmas Day" and this is really daebak. This wasn't an official song so I think it was a cover? Try searching it on Youtube because it's not on Melon! This is my most favorite song. Please listen to it!!! +12 -1
ㄴJimin's solo track "lie"!! Among BTS songs, I personally really liked house of card (full) and ma city. I will suggest "Lost" by BTS vocal members from their recent "WINGS"~~ +18 -0
ㄴ he sang cover song called "Christmas Day" with Jungkook and I'm going to spend this winter with that song.. I thought I was going to melt down when I listened to it... it's really good. It's f*cking good. You should listen to it until the end because there's something amazing at the end.. seriously this is just...other than that I suggest Jimin's solo track lie, dead leaves, house of cards (full) and ma city, lost, blanket kick, save me, etc... seriously our Jimin is... bb (thumbs up) +12 -0

2. Jimin's voice is really attractive! Especially in ma city! Ma city +86 -4

3. Mochi Sexy +80 -5

4. Even I was surprised after listening to lie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ seriously he has a luring voice +30 -0

5. I don't know about other things but I'm a very picky listener so I usually don't listen to a song when I don't like the intro. The intro of Blood, Sweat and Tears "My blood, sweat, and tears~~~" really pulls the listener to the song +20 -0

6. yep when you listen to "lie" in their trailer video, seriously his voice sounds like it would shoot stars all over the place.. +16 -0
7. I really love Jimin's part in Fun Boyz..♡ +16 -0

8. I agree. I f*cking love ma cityㅠㅠㅠ 자 부산의 바다여!! this is so cooling. I love tomorrow too +15 -1

9. he's the definition of perfection +13 -0