Wednesday, 7 December 2016

[PANN] 161206 BTS and TWICE appeared on the news! congrats

BTS and TWICE are slandered daily on PANN~
They're really hot these days!
I think both teams have many international fans
They both won the first place as top boy and girl group survey carried out by KBS World Radio!

I'll post the news as well because I think some of you could have missed it. Congrats, congrats

I hope Entertalk turns into a place with many posts like this rather than hateful posts!

[Article] 161206 [Entertainment Diary] BTS & TWICE, they prove their global popularity

Group BTS and TWICE showed off their power as global trend idol groups.

<Record> BTS: "Let's clap before we start, wow~ this is amazing! We never thought we'd achieve this."

According to the survey carried out by KBS World Radio targeting their listeners from 87 countries, BTS and TWICE are the most loved boy and girl idol groups by people around the world.

<Record> "My blood, sweat and tears, take away all of my last dance"

BTS showed astonishing performance this year. They entered the Billboard Chart for the third time with their second full album "WINGS" and they also claimed the title of "The first Korean Artist".

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1. The comments are so heartwarming too ㅋㅋㅋ I hope the teams remain together for a long time~ I've watched TT MV so many times while streaming for BTS +50 -0

2. As expected from our TWICEvlies!! And fighting to BTS whom I'm really loving these days ㅋㅋ +46 -1

3. I'm ARMY and while streaming I watched TT and they looked so pretty! I hope you will continue to succeed more +42 -0

4. both groups are equally wonderful! I hope Bangtan and Twicevelies both continue to succeed more!!♡ +21 -1

5. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ something the two groups share in common is - they're slandered extremely on PANN but they're so popular in reality~~ the two teams set new records whenever they release a new album!! I hope the two groups continue to grow bigger and bring sorrow to haters~~~ +18 -0

6. the two teams are handsome and beautiful. Both groups, please remain for a long time +17 -0

[Article] 161206 [Gibberish] TanEk (BTS - EXO) war

The hot topic of the 2016 MAMA which is the 8th MAMA this year was the tears of boy group BTS who won the "Artist of the Year" award. The members wiped their tears with their fists when their leader Rap Monster said, "Many said we wouldn't do well but we're grateful to everyone who believed in us.". BTS thanked their fanclub ARMY. What happened to them?

[Misc] Nominees of this year's Joke Award

My father ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

me: (during BTS's stage) Dad, do you know them?
father: no, who are thy?

me: (EXO's Volcano Chicken commercial starts playing) Dad, do you know them?
father: your babies

[PANN] 161205 This idol was different ever since he was a child

= Rap Monster (yes, this is a BTS fan recruiting post so please get lost if you don't want to read any fan recruiting posts)

...I think that is why they couldn't trust me. Back then, my lyrics - since I had to study as well - I would write the lyrics secretly on a paper and hide it inside my workbook and I would get told off if I get caught. My mother witnessed this many times which displeased her and I told this to my mom during that time which sounds cringeworthy when I think about it now. My grades were among the top 5000 students nationwide and this company said I'm very talented. I'm merely in the 5000th place if I study but I was told by a well-reputed person that I can become No.1 in rapping. I asked her, "Mom, do you prefer a son who comes first or a son who ranks 5000th place?" and she resentfully gave me permission.

This boy who asked his mother if she preferred a son who stays in the 5000th place in studies or 1st place in rapping which he enjoys doing grows up and writes the lyrics "난 내가 하기싫은 일로 성공하긴 싫어 난 날 밀어" (I don't want to succeed by doing something I don't like, I push myself) 

[Instiz] 161206 Some fans from another fandom got caught trying to frame BTS's fandom with rumors

Before I begin the post, I would like to state that we're not trying to drag in another fandom into this but we're just trying to prevent incitement. We feel bad to the other fandom who is involved in this rumor.

Firstly, this case is based on the rumor how users on Male Celebrities board on DC Gall tried frame EXO with misogyny.

If you will allow me to explain the story- users on Male celebrities board on DC Gall started a rumor of "차돌박이" (= misogyny) on EXO and they almost made this rumor sound like it was true > Some fans who are active on Nate PANN  EXO Fantalk board planned to blame and frame BTS's fandom as if they had started this rumor and not the users of Male Celeb board on DC Gall > Currently, people who have proved themselves as EXO fans by going through strict procedure are discussing about this plan in an open chatting room > They said they will write about this on various sites including Instiz but right now they're still gathering materials.